15" Tall Handmade 7 Chakras Rainbow Gemstone Tree on an Amethyst base, 210 gems, #5424 by Brazil Gems

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Exclusive limited quantity handmade 7 Chakras Rainbow Gemstone Tree on an Amethyst cluster base with a resin trunk and wired branches. It is approximately 15" tall with 42 wire branches and 210 tumbled Chakra gemstones.

The 7 different Chakra gemstones are placed in a Rainbow sequence producing an amazing effect!

The process to make a gemstone tree like this is very extensive and meticulous. A special amethyst cluster is selected for the base, the resin trunk and branches are crafted by local artisans in Brazil and then each gemstone is glued to the tree by hand. The gemstones are all natural.

  • Average Height: 15" (to the last gemstone on top)
  • Average Width: 11"
  • Average Depth: 9"
  • Average Weight: 13.8 lbs 

Chakra Gemstones: (to learn more about each gem read our blog Gemstones: What Do They Mean?)

  1. Crown - Amethyst
  2. Third Eye - Sodalite
  3. Throat - Blue Quartz
  4. Heart - Green Quartz
  5. Solar Plexus - Citrine
  6. Sacral - Carnelian
  7. Root - Red Jasper

Disclaimer: Limited stock. The specific variant/model # you select is the exact tree you will receive. The first image in the listing, as well the images of the closeups of gemstones, various angles of the tree and the video are from one of the trees, chosen to serve as the main model and that specific tree may or may not still be available.  Each individual tree we sell and ship out is unique due to the natural differences of each amethyst base and handmade tree design. The amethyst bases can vary in overall size, shape, color, crystal shapes and points and the overall shape and size of the tree and branches can vary because it is handmade. This means the tree you receive will truly be yours and unlike anyone else's. To allow for it to stand on its own the amethyst cluster base has a small amount of cement added to the bottom then painted black. As is the case for the majority of Citrine on the market from Brazil, this tree's Citrine gems have been heated to give it them their beautiful amber color.

Authentic From Brazil
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