Extra Large Brazilian Agate Coffee Table, single slice, 32.6" Long and 15.9" Tall Model #1308-0003 by Brazil Gems

SKU: 1308-0003

Extra Large Natural Brazilian Agate with Amethyst Coffee Table with a black metal base. This is a remarkable slice from a single LARGE agate stone that naturally had a lot of amethyst encased inside. Its edges are rough and its top is polished smooth plus it's crystal areas can glow with a light shining underneath (light not included). This particular piece has various repair lines that can be seen in its images and video. These repairs were done in Brazil by our supplier because mining and slicing stones this large is a tricky process and sometimes they unfortunately can break. The supplier chose to repair this amazing natural slice of gemstone because it deserved to be displayed and shown in all its glory.  This piece will surely be the conversation starter while sitting around marveling at it.

This particular table has a sister table, Model #1308-0004. Please check to see if it is still available as well if you'd like own both.

An Agate slice this large can take several hours to cut each side to reveal its beauty and it is a very delicate process. The Agate stone is one of our favorite geodes because it is translucent and you can shine light through its more clearer parts. Take a look at the pictures to see how the stone comes alive with light underneath it. You have the amazing opportunity to own this rare coffee table. Here are its details. 

  • Slice Size: 32.6"L x 26.6"W
  • Slice Thickness: 1.3"
  • Table Height: 15.9"
  • Weight w/ base: 94.8 lbs

Shipping NoteThis is a large, heavy and delicate piece. It will be shipped securely on a wood pallet/crate to make sure it arrives intact at your location (curbside delivery ONLY). You will be responsible for getting it inside of your home so plan accordingly.  Please allow 2-3 days for handling the order plus approximately 7-14 days ground delivery. Please contact us at 1-951-215-6455 regarding delivery and any questions you might have  

DisclaimerThis is a natural gemstone sold as is and as you see it in its images and video. It is the exact one you will receive and it's black metal base was custom made to fit this exact gemstone slice. It may contain natural imperfections as well as imperfections, broken edges and repairs from the extraction, slicing, polishing and mounting processes. This piece does have repairs that are seen in its images and video.

AGATE: Protection - Strength - Courage

Agate, in its many shades, can offer a talisman for courage through times of sunshine and shadow. It seems to enhance feelings of security among believers in gemstone symbolism who keep it with them. If you are in a season of worry or overthinking, agate may invite healing energy to your inner world. Agate forms in the cavities of ancient volcanic rocks, where after the rock cools, microcrystal fibers collect as water pools or passes through. The layers build up over time, with different colors reflecting differences in the water’s mineral compositions. The result is a colorful reminder of the power of strength built with time.

Authentic From Brazil
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