20" Tall Handmade Hematite Gemstone Tree w/ Amethyst base, 540 gems #5406-0051 by Brazil Gems

SKU: 5406-0051

Large Handmade Hematite Gemstone Tree with a large and amazing Amethyst cluster base, resin trunk, wired branches and polished Hematite gemstones. 

At approximately 20" tall with 108 branches and 540 gemstones, this gemstone tree is both large and a design statement that will impact any room, be that your living room or office. The amethyst clusters used as bases for these trees are substantial gemstones on their own.

The process to make a gemstone tree like this is very extensive and meticulous. A special amethyst cluster is selected for the base, the resin trunk and branches are crafted by Brazilian artisans and then each gemstone is glued to the tree by hand. MADE IN BRAZIL!

  • Height: 21.5"H
  • Overall Footprint: 18.5"W x 13"D
  • Weight: 36.4 lbs
  • Base Size: 9.7"W x 7.5"D x 5.7"H

Disclaimer: This is a handmade item sold as is and as you see it in its images and video. It is the exact tree you will receive. The base may contain natural imperfections, repairs and broken edges from the extraction and polishing processes and the branches and gemstones may contain imperfections as well. To allow for it to stand on its own the amethyst cluster base has a small amount of cement added to the bottom then painted black.

HEMATITE: Energy - Balance - Confidence

Hematite is found by crystal healing believers to be a powerful aid to balance the energy of body, mind and spirit. Some call it the Blood Stone and is sometimes used to boost circulation. Hematite is thought to cleanse negative energy, empower confidence and bring the owner equanimity in facing life’s challenges. Empaths and highly-sensitive people may find relief in the presence of Hematite.

AMETHYST: Healing - Transcendence - Intuition

Amethyst can offer a connection to your spirit. Thought to help strengthen your Crown or Third Eye Chakra, the presence of amethyst can offer an aura of protection and healing. Those seeking freedom from unhealthy attachments or addiction may be nourished in the presence of amethyst. If you only have space for one talisman, amethyst is an excellent choice for all-around healing and strength.

The formation of amethyst is a story of icy beauty crystallizing from a legacy of fire. Basaltic lava can cool with porous cavities that range in size up to 15 feet long. Silica-rich waters run through these cavities. Traces of silica leave the seeds of crystalline growth. The purple color of amethyst is traced to iron in the water. Placement of amethyst in your environment is an invitation to let healing energy and the timelessness of the Earth take your journey to a higher plane. Protect your stones from direct sunlight to preserve their vibrancy.

Authentic From Brazil
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