Gemstone Tree Repair Kit
Gemstone Tree Repair Kit

Gemstone Tree Repair Kit


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  • Glazing and Spot Putty
  • Bark stain
  • Sticks
  • Gloves
  • Paint brush
  • Instructions

                                                                                    How To Repair the Resin Branches on your Gemstone Tree

What you received: Glazing & Spot Putty, special alcohol-based stain to color the branches, 1 paint brush, 2 pointy skewers, 2 popsicle sticks, 2 surgical exam gloves. Yes, it’s the opposite of high tech :) Watch this YouTube video on how to practice first:

  • Prep Your Workspace: Prep an area to work on your tree. The paint for the branches is actually an alcohol based stain, so take good caution to protect your workspace when handling the stain as it can be messy. We recommend wearing single-use surgical type of gloves to protect your hands from possibly getting stained. Protect your clothes as well.

  • Practice Makes Perfect: First test out the putty on a piece of cardboard so you understand its consistency. Squeeze a small amount out (pea-size) and use a wooden skewer and/or popsicle stick provided to learn how it feels and spreads around. Note what time it was when you started. You’ll notice at first that the putty doesn’t immediately allow you to shape it into whatever form you want, but after a few minutes the putty starts to thicken up and you’ll be able to fine tune practicing making the rough edges of the branches/bark with the pointy end of the skewer. Look at your tree to see how its branches look and try to duplicate that look. There really is no wrong way but the best rule is that the “rough look” looks best. Note what time it was when the consistency thickened up and you were able to make the rough grooves & edges. (see the picture below). Practice a few times. It’s very forgiving for even novices. After it has thoroughly dried (could be more than 30 minutes-1 hour+) practice putting the stain on (see step 5).  

  • How to repair a small crack: First, spread apart the gemstone wire branches to give you good access to the broken area and cover the amethyst base with some plastic wrap so it doesn’t get any putty or stain on it. Squeeze a very small amount of the putty and spread it along the branch going the length of the branch. Have your strokes (with the skewer/popsicle stick) follow the same lines of the branches that are already there (spinning the skewer works too). Don’t go in the opposite direction of how your tree’s branches were crafted. Your goal is to blend in with the current branches. Stop and wait for the putty to thicken up a bit, then start being artistic with the shaping of the putty using the skewer/popsicle stick. Keep tweaking it as it continues to dry. If you need to add more putty, that’s ok, go ahead, be sure to blend it into the branch. Just be careful not to put too large of an amount of putty on or it will look like a big “bump on a log”. 

  • How to repair larger chunks: Use the putty like a glue to adhere the piece that broke off and then use more putty to blend in the cracks so they are camouflaged as in step 3 above. Depending on what your break is like, you may need/want something to help hold up the branch while it dries. Let it cure/dry for a few hours before applying the stain. If you notice a “shrinkage” after it dries or hairline cracks, add some more to cover those hairline cracks and then let it dry again before applying the stain. 

  • How to stain the branches after they have fully hardened: Wearing gloves and having a paper towel handy, VERY CAREFULLY open the small bottle of stain. Use the brush, dab off any excess (start with a little), then simply dab/paint the stain onto the dried putty. We highly recommend that you use as many coats as needed to hide the putty’s red color and then blend that color with the nearby original color on that branch so as to camouflage it and blend the color tone. You can even use the stain to touch up any other areas. 

  • Let it fully dry: Once it has completely dried, go ahead and adjust your gemstones how you like and you’re good to go. 

  • Feel free to call us before starting if you have any questions. It’s really quite easy.

    Sabrina Dadalt

    Brazil Gems


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