Large Handmade Rose Quartz Gemstone Tree, 26" tall, 720 gemstones (5407-0006)

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Large handmade Rose Quartz gemstone tree w/ a tall Amethyst cluster base, resin trunk, wired branches and polished gemstones.

At 26" tall, 144 branches and 720 gemstones, this gemstone tree is large and will impact the design of any room with its colorful gemstones, be that your living room or office.

The process to make a gemstone like this is very extensive and meticulous. Each gemstone is glued by hand, the resin trunk is built by local artisans and a special amethyst cluster for the base must be selected. Different gemstones available upon request.

  • Height: ~26"
  • Branch area: ~24" x 15"
  • Weight: 38.1 lbs 

Note: The images for this item are for this specific tree you will receive. This special piece will be shipped securely on a pallet in order to arrive intact at your location. Please allow for 2-3 days of handling time plus specialized ground shipment.