Natural Brazilian Agate side table, single slice on chrome base, 20" tall (1305-0054)

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Large Natural Brazilian Agate side table w/ one slice of stone on chrome metal base. This gemstone has unique color bands that contrast beautifully with a crystal band surrounded by a dark brown band that accents the table nicely. Rough, natural edges complement its look.

A stone slice this large can take several hours to cut each side to reveal Agate's beauty inside. Take a closer look and make this one yours.

  • Slice Size: 14.5" x 14"
  • Slice thickness: 1"
  • Table Height: 20"
  • Weight w/ base: 17.5 lbs


Protection - Strength - Courage

The many shades of Agate can offer a talisman for courage through times of sunshine and shadow. It offers protection and grounding energy, enhancing feelings of security. If you are in a season of worry or overthinking, Agate can invite healing energy to your inner world.

Agate is formed in the cavities of ancient volcanic rocks. After the rock cools, microcrystal fibers collect as water pools or passes through. The layers build up over time, with different colors reflecting differences in the water’s composition. The result is a colorful reminder of the power of strength built with time. (only adding this one for the big pieces.)

Note: This is a natural gemstone sold as you see it on the images and videos. It contains natural imperfections and broken edges from the extraction process.