Unique Large Brazilian Agate Slice on a rotating stand, 25.3" Tall (5060-0005)

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Amazing large slice of Brazilian Agate beautifully placed on a rotating metal stand for easy amusement. At 25.3" tall, this gemstone will enhance any room decor with its striking colors, openings and crystals.

Nature's work of millions of years now available to you. Did you ever look closely to what is inside a stone? Zoom in on the pictures and check the video. Unbelievable beauty! 

Place this gemstone by a window or with a light behind to see it come alive. The translucent nature of agate is what makes it one of our favorite stones.

Agate slices this large are rare. And to cut a slice this delicate without breaking is a risky process that takes several hours and you never know what you will get. This one is a beauty!

  • Height: 25.3" (with stand)
  • Gemstone size: 15.75"W x 19.25"H
  • Thickness: 0.5"
  • Weight w/ base: 11.8 lbs

NOTE: The gemstone you see in the pictures and videos is exactly the piece you will receive. It is sold as is with both its natural imperfections and imperfections caused by the cutting/polishing process.