There’s a whole world of natural stones out there with unique coloring and brilliance. Many collectors believe they have specific healing powers, too. If you’re ready to move past learning about better-known stones such as amethyst and citrine, read this guide to gems you’ve never heard of before.


Many people admire this member of the quartz family for its bands of color, which are particularly striking on a large scale in agate crystal slices. It was named after Sicily’s Achates River during the 4th century BC, and you can find it in a rainbow of hues: browns, blues, oranges, pinks, and more. From the beginning, people have valued it for its grounding spiritual energy as well as its beauty.


Strength, protection, creativity, prosperity


This luminescent blue mineral is fascinating to see in its rough crystalline form, emerging from chunks of quartz. In general, people considered it to be a calming stone that can dissolve emotional or spiritual confusion.


Loyalty, honesty, tranquility


Mostly found in rocks and soils, hematite is an iron oxide crystal that polishes up with a metallic luster. It appears black, gray, silver, and sometimes reddish-brown. People considered it to be a shield against negative energy.


Willpower, clarity, courage


Also called the Poet’s Stone, this mineral appears in rich, royal blues and purples that can range from opaque to transparent. Sometimes, it’s dotted with white calcite. People believe sodalite can help cleanse the spirit of fear and guilt, opening you up to truly thrive.


Wisdom, harmony, confidence

Tiger’s Eye

These golden stones are often combinations of brown, orange, red, and black swirls and stripes. The earthy tones bring to mind strong roots that can provide balance and strength when needed. People have used tiger’s eyes as talismans to ward off the “evil eye” since the earliest days of human civilization.


Focus, prosperity, protection


This reddish stone is a member of the chalcedony family and gets its color from iron. In ancient times, women believed orange carnelian could boost fertility, while men wore red carnelian around their necks for battle. Above all, it’s a mineral with invigorating energy.


Concentration, balance, longevity

You don’t have to know the name of a crystal to appreciate a natural work of art. Let this guide to gems you’ve never heard of before pique your interest in Brazil Gems’ incredible artisan-crafted pieces. From small geodes to large cathedrals, you can see the dazzling wonders of the earth up close for yourself.