Chakras Gemstone Trees

Brazil Gems® brings you Handmade Chakras Gemstone trees with a crystal cluster base, resin trunk, wired branches and tumbled Chakras gemstones.

The process to make a gemstone tree like this is very extensive and meticulous. A special amethyst cluster is selected for the base, the resin trunk and branches are crafted by Brazilian artisans and then each gemstone is glued to the tree by hand. MADE IN BRAZIL!

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Discovery with Brazil Gems® as we proudly unveil our unique Handmade Chakras Gemstone Trees, carefully crafted to enchant and inspire.

At the heart of each tree lies a carefully chosen Amethyst cluster, serving as the foundation for its special allure. Crafted with precision and skill by Brazilian Artisans, the resin trunk and intricately wired branches form a near-real look.

Every step of the creation process is infused with care and attention to detail. From the selection of premium gemstones to the meticulous placement of each tumbled Chakras gemstone.

Elevate your space with the energy of these handmade trees, where the natural beauty of gemstones intertwines with the skilled handiwork of Brazilian craftsmanship. MADE IN BRAZIL!