Wholesale & Special Orders

As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of providing quality products at affordable rates. Brazil Gems offers Brazilian gemstones and crystals at wholesale prices. Our impressive selection of quality gemstones is sure to meet your needs. Our collection includes beautiful pieces of amethyst, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, agate, and more. Brazil Gems offers a wide variety of quality crystals to add to your collection.

Our partners in Brazil mine some of the stones directly from their own mines. The artisan process makes it possible to produce such quality gemstones. Each of the facilities we work with are required to follow strict environmental regulations, which helps keep the process safe. So, you can rest assured you’re receiving quality wholesale Brazilian gemstones and crystals.

The Brazil Gems team will be glad to work with you on a custom project, however, minimum order volumes will apply. Volume orders will be paid 50% at PO and the remaining balance paid when ready for delivery.

If you wish to purchase wholesale Brazilian gemstones in large quantities or have a special order for a specific item, please send us an email with details and we will respond to you quickly.

Please email: sales@brazilgems.com  

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