Geode Dining Tables

Brazil Gems® offers Natural Dining Geode Tables on metal bases. Large gemstones that will be the centerpiece of your gatherings.

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Natural Brazilian Geode Dining Tables on metal bases are a great addition to your home decor as you will get to enjoy nature's work of millions of years and share it with your guests.

Glass top seen is NOT included. Dining tables will require that you provide your own glass top to complete the table. We recommend waiting until the table has arrived to best decide the shape and size of glass you prefer. Check with local glass companies near you.

These are natural gemstones sold as is and as you see them in their images and videos. They may contain natural imperfections and/or imperfections, broken edges and repairs from the extraction, polishing and mounting processes. The welded iron base has been custom made to fit each unique gemstone and painted black. Most tables are designed to have a custom glass piece placed on top to complete the table. Glass top is not provided.