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Welcome to Brazil Gems® Amethyst Cathedrals. We proudly travel to Brazil to find these gems and import them to our California warehouse. Sometimes known as Amethyst Caves or Amethyst Chapels, these geodes are cut in half and opened up for all of us to enjoy. They are considered "Cathedrals" because of their usually tall and pointy shapes reminiscent of a, you guessed it, Cathedral. We often time receive both halves of the same geode, so feel free to ask if we still have its other half. We offer our Cathedrals in 3 different Product Types:

Classic: Painted Black on its sides & back

Open 2-Sided: Similar to the classic but enjoyable from the front or back

Polished: Its sides & back have been polished smooth to its crystal or agate shell enjoyable from every angle and they can glow.

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