With the holiday season quickly approaching, choosing the right present to give someone brings challenges. Selecting the right crystal for a special someone reveals the profound affection you have for that individual. Our team at Brazil Gems has put together a guide to giving crystals as a gift that illustrates and the benefits that they bring.



This popular Brazilian amethyst for sale works as a natural sedative that allows for better sleep. Other attributes of the amethyst crystal include dissipating anger, dread, and angst.


A carnelian crystal will install supreme confidence and bravery. This crystal is a fantastic gift for anyone who is aspiring to become a leader and more assertive.

Blue Apatite

The blue apatite will channel your inner psychic abilities, rational thoughts, and dreams. An additional benefit is that it may stifle your appetite, so getting this crystal before those New Year’s resolutions will assist you.

Green Aventurine

This precious stone lets you push forward and allows you to get over troubling obstacles in your life. Move past any grudges you may hold and let go of any animosity.


If you want to offer someone the gift of passion and adventure, giving a garnet crystal provides the energy to live life to its fullest. Additionally, garnet curbs any unhealthy habits that you are trying to fix.


Turquoise improves your mental health. A turquoise crystal combats fatigue, hopelessness and helps prevent anxiety attacks.


This powerful crystal allows you to connect to more extraordinary realms. Use this crystal with caution, however, because it’s hazardous and may damage your skin.



A pyrite crystal will shield you from any environmental impurities and build your willpower. It will also do its best to combat any viruses, boosting your immune system.


The specific use for a bloodstone crystal involves purifying your blood. Blood purification prevents damage to your kidneys, liver, and spleen.


Shungite is a multi-purpose crystal that decreases inflammation in your body and cleanses water. Like many other crystals, it will help reduce your stress levels.


Clear Quartz

A fantastic first crystal to give to anyone. Its main features include thwarting negativity and protecting you from wicked entities.


The rose quartz associates with love and kindness, making it one of the most popular crystals among jewelers and holistic healers.


Everyone needs a little joy and optimism, which the citrine crystal provides. Dubbed the “light maker,” this crystal dates to the Ancient Romans.


The moonstone will get you in touch with the lunar cycle by boosting your femininity with soothing powers.

Now that you have a guide to giving crystals as a gift, you know what each crystal represents. Look through our extensive collection of Brazilian and select the best one to fit your needs.

Chris Vale