Congratulations on your new Gemstone Tree!

Click on the Video Tutorial above and/or read the instructions below to learn how to "Fluff Up" your gemstone tree and make it as full and beautiful as possible.

  1. ALWAYS lift your tree by its amethyst base. NEVER lift nor grab the tree by its branches. They can crack under the weight of the tree.

  2. Remove the tree from its box CAREFULLY and place it on a surface that won't get scratched by the bottom of the base. Slowly remove the wrapping material.

  3. Furniture pads were provided with our larger trees. Add those to the bottom to prevent scratching of furniture.

  4. "Fluff Up" the wire branches. How? Bend the wire branches, some up, some down as well as side to side, spreading them apart, just don't untwist the wires. Your goal is to make the tree look as full & balanced as possible.

  5. Aim the actual gemstones so their glued sides are facing down or towards the center of the tree and the gems are facing outwards or towards you.

  6. If by chance a gemstone has fallen off of a branch during shipping, you can easily glue it back with Hot Glue or Super Glue.

The base of our trees are natural Brazilian Amethyst Clusters and the trees we sell are all unique due to their natural differences and handmade tree designs. The bases can vary in overall sizes (small to large), shapes (round to square), crystal points (small to large) and colors (light lavender/white to dark purple).

This means your tree is truly unique. Enjoy!

Sabrina Dadalt