People don’t usually look forward to spending time in a waiting room. Maybe they’re running late, they have a delayed appointment, or they’re not there for a particularly enjoyable reason. But you can put them at ease and bolster your business’s brand with the right atmosphere. Welcome your guests in style with these ways to decorate a beautiful reception area.

Show Who You Are

You don’t want your waiting area to look like an emergency room. So why fill it with institutional furniture just because it’ll last for a century? Seize the opportunity to let your furnishings reflect your values. Express your appreciation for unique, natural art with an agate side table and gemstone tree. Choose colors that generate the energy you desire. Breathe life into the room with green plants that bring the outdoors in and purify the air. Let your competition settle for safe décor while you curate unforgettable surroundings.

Make Them Comfortable

If you’re expecting your guests to brawl, bleed, spill, or throw things, we understand why you’d select furniture that could survive a hurricane. Otherwise, emphasize style and comfort instead. If they do have to wait a while, at least provide plush seating that doesn’t resemble the interior of a bus. They shouldn’t start squirming in discomfort after five minutes. What’s wrong with a sofa and pillows? If you can make other comforts available too, like bottled water and tissues, you’ll build a lot of goodwill.

Keep Them Occupied

Throwing a pile of well-thumbed, outdated magazines on a coffee table is not the way to decorate a beautiful reception area. You don’t want them to get bored waiting, but you can elevate the atmosphere with gorgeously illustrated books related to your business. They’re aesthetically pleasing and create an air of authority. And while many office buildings have latched onto the idea of wall-mounted TVs, they are doing more harm than good by blasting news channels. Tune into something absorbing that doesn’t require loud volumes, like cooking, game shows, or HGTV. Better yet, use your screen to display digital art that changes every few minutes.

Your reception area is your first impression, so use it to embody your values: authenticity, uniqueness, creativity. Brazil Gems offers many different artisan-crafted pieces that start conversations and make your business memorable. Search our site for inspiration and make your space worth the wait.