There are many crystals and gemstones that don’t receive enough recognition, but they’re beautiful and unique in their own way.

Many people find themselves asking, “What are agate stones, and what are they used for?” Let’s explore this stone’s excellence a little further to learn how it can benefit you.

What Are Agate Stones?

Many gemstones are minerals combined when formed under various conditions of the Earth’s crust. It’s important to note that although igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock make up the crust, our planet can form beautiful works of art.

You can typically find large agate slices made of chalcedony and quartz gemstones. You can also find them forming in the cavities of volcanic and metamorphic rocks. The process occurs as the volcanic material traps gases within its liquid, creating solid formations.

What Are They Used For?

People have used agate stones for healing the mind, body, and spirit for many centuries. Agate stone can transform negative energy into positive to enhance cognitive and physical function.

If someone feels angry or anxious, they may benefit from using agate stone to release those negative emotions.

Additionally, agate isn’t great for just mental and emotional healing. Many people use agate stones to address physical concerns as well. For example, one may find relief from lymphatic and digestive issues and pain.

Where Should You Place Agate?

Due to its healing properties, you may consider placing large agate slices in your living room or bedroom. Overall, you can place them anywhere you need particular healing.

There are many ways to incorporate agate stones in your home as they typically come in a calming blue color, which can go with most décor, colors, and home styles!

Now that you understand what agate stones are and what they’re used for, you can begin to take advantage of the natural healing properties that it holds. Be sure to properly charge your gemstone and allow it to provide positive energy in your home for years to come.