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Brazil Gems offers an impressive collection of Brazilian Citrine and Amethyst cathedral geodes for sale. There is only one specific region of Brazil that produces Citrine geodes in these unique cathedral shapes. Much of the Citrine in circulation today including these items and other Citrines from Brazil, were originally Amethysts that have been heated in kilns, which mimics and speeds up the naturally occurring process that geo-thermal heat hadn't yet had a chance to do which is to give these gemstones their beautiful range of amber colors. The heating process does not alter the molecular structure of the stone. We offer 2 product types including:

  • Classic Citrine Cathedrals
  • Open 2-Sided Citrine Cathedrals

Our Open 2-Sided Citrine Cathedrals offer enjoyment from both sides. Each Cathedral has been polished on the front and back, perfect to be displayed to be enjoyed from any angle and has an open portal in the middle. 

Citrine quality can be subjective as many variables can play a role in determining a geode value.  Qualities you should consider when shopping for a Citrine cathedral are (not in any particular order):

  • Deeper amber colors
  • Clarity of crystals
  • Shape of points
  • Size of points
  • Shape of overall cathedral
  • Calcite and mineral formations
  • Agate stone bands
  • General beauty and uniqueness

The more of these qualities an Citrine possesses the more valuable it can be. Our Citrine cathedral geodes for sale are top-quality and sure to impress. In the end we suggest choosing a Citrine that speaks to you and is the most beautiful to you within your price range.

Here's the order we categorize our Citrine geodes from higher to lower pricing:

  • Q6 Super Plus Quality (rare) 
  • Q5 Super Quality
  • Q4 Extra Plus Quality
  • Q3 Extra Quality
  • Q2 Standard Plus Quality
  • Q1 Standard Quality

If you’re looking for more information on quality Citrine cathedral geodes or if you need help selecting a cathedral from our website, please feel free to contact our helpful team today. We can even FaceTime with you!  If you have a specific requirement for size and shape and we don't have one like that in stock, we will work with our partners in Brazil to find the right large Citrine cathedral for you.