Pistachio Calcite Crystal Eagle Figurine on a Clear Quartz Cluster Base Model #3005-PCECQ-029 by Brazil Gems

$1,001.00 CAD
SKU: 3005-PCECQ-029

This is an Extra Large Crystal Eagle Figurine made out of Pistachio Calcite for its body and beak and Orange Calcite for its wings and head. It has metal feet and has been mounted on a unique Crystal cluster inside a wooden base. An impressive piece that will demand attention in any room.

Brazilian artisans mastered the technique that combines the beauty of Brazilian gemstones and their colorful native birds into an amazing art piece that will enhance any decor and bring joy to any room.

Take a closer look at this handmade piece. MADE IN BRAZIL!

  • Overall Height: 11.8”
  • Overall Width: 7”
  • Overall Depth: 8.2”
  • Total Weight: 7.3 lbs

Disclaimer: This is a natural gemstone sold as is and as you see it in its images and video. It has been hand carved out of natural gemstones and constructed together to give it its unique look. It may contain natural imperfections as well as imperfections from the hand carving, broken edges and repairs from the extraction and prepping processes. The crystal bird detaches from its base for shipping purposes.

Gemstone Meaning

CLEAR QUARTZ: Healing - Transformation - Clarity

Clear Quartz can invite you to live life at the highest plane. Sometimes called the Master Healer, clear quartz can enhance the energy needed to address almost any issue. It has been central to the magic of many cultures for as long as stories have been told. Quartz powers clocks and many of today’s technologies – new uses for a stone that got its name from the Greek word for “ice”. It is thought to energize and amplify all other stones around it. Crystal quartz works for all chakra

Authentic From Brazil
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