Quality Rose Quartz Sphere on a Metal Base, 3" diameter and 5.9" tall #5632-0004 by Brazil Gems

SKU: 5632-0004

Quality natural Brazilian Rose Quartz Sphere on a metal stand. Beautifully crafted, this polished piece will become a conversation starter every single time

Artisans in South Brazil mastered the technique to make sphere gemstones, a very labor-intensive task that requires a lot of skills and precision. The result is a beautiful piece that will certainly make a great addition to your collection or as a long lasting gift to a loved one.  

  • Gemstone diameter: 3"
  • Height: 5.9" w/ stand
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs

Disclaimer: This is a natural gemstone sold as is and as you see it in its images and video. It has been polished to a sphere shape and it may contain natural imperfections and scratches from the polishing process. The metal base has been painted black.

    ROSE QUARTZ: Love - Kindness - Purification

    Rose Quartz has long been a token for those seeking to connect with universal love and compassion. Sometimes called the Stone of Venus, it can also enhance romantic love. It has a place anywhere in your home – a simple act like bathing or cooking can be turned into a life-enhancing ritual. Some use it to invite sweet dreams, or to help children not be afraid of the dark. Others will place it on their pregnant bellies to invite meditations on the family love. Crystal healing believers often find it to be a widely helpful stone and a staple of their collection.

    Authentic From Brazil
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