Agate is a gem that got its name from the Sicilian river, Dirillo, in the fourth century BC. Typically, agate has elements of quartz and chalcedony and forms in metamorphic and volcanic rocks. Although there are several similarities amongst various gems, there are many different colors of agate, and what they symbolize may differ from type to type. Some agate stones overlap and help particular chakras, so knowing what each one does lets you know the benefits and what you may need.

Bold Colors

Blue Lace

The blue lace agate is a gemstone that improves your mental health. By enhancing your emotional well-being, this agate works in unison to also better your physical health. This gem is part of the heart and throat chakras. Chakras are the primary energy foundations in our bodies. By getting in touch with your inner chakras, it lets us attack some of our internal insecurities. For example, blue lace guides the throat chakra and limits some fear of public speaking. It will also soothe and heal your throat, making it a popular choice among entertainers and public speakers.


If you are in the market to buy agate slices, the moss agate is one of the most beautiful gems available. It gets its name because the particles of green represent nature. Although it is one of the toughest crystals on the Mohs hardness scale, it brings calming effects to someone dealing with aggression. Lastly, moss enhances the heart chakra with its primary purpose of purifying the body of negative energy.


Typically, associating black with anything brings negative cogitations. However, the black agate may limit all the opposing forces that appear to affect you. This agate triggers the root chakra, bringing calm to a potentially chaotic situation. The black agate enriches you by bringing good luck, so make sure to obtain one if you plan to gamble.


Similar to other agates available, the white agate balances one’s self. This gem brings a sense of stability to your masculine and feminine qualities. It will improve the crown chakra by freeing toxins from your body, making your mental acumen more thorough. With the release of toxins, you may build a stronger sense of trust between yourself and your peers.


The brown agate acts as a jack of all trades. It will stabilize and center you to create a positive mindset no matter what you are going through—considering that it establishes that positive attitude, brown agate will aid when trying to get over any phobias. It invigorates the crown chakra and will last a very long time, figuring it’s one of the hardest on the Mohs scale.


Associating yellow agate with sunny days is an excellent way to figure out its purposes. Using a yellow agate is a great way to improve one’s self-purpose. This yellow gem will enhance your happiness, trust, and bravery in the solar chakra.

Mixed Colors


This white and gray gem is a fantastic help for anyone dealing with any self-doubt. Using the dendritic agate improves the mental state of those struggling with specific issues like postpartum depression or substance abuse problems. Additionally, it guides your travel by preventing any potential accidents. The dendritic agate inspires the root chakra, which controls your physical and mental power.


The red and pinkish agate gets the root chakra firing on all cylinders. Sometimes we have days when we just feel off. This agate is an excellent way to regain that balance that you may think is amiss. Utilizing the benefits of the Botswana agate heightens your concentration and critical thinking skills. Another everyday use of this agate is for those who are feeling a sense of grief or loss.

Bulls Eye

Employing this deep black and burgundy agate is a brilliant way to ruin the entire horror movie industry, as it protects you from heinous situations like curses. Many call this precious item “the survival stone,” but it also fixes any problems in your reproductive system. This gem gets all the chakras to work together to bring out those survival instincts.

Crazy Lace

As the famous lyric says, “don’t worry, be happy,” having a crazy lace agate creates that happiness. This third eye chakra agate pushes all the negativity aside to make you laugh and put a smile on your face. Like the dendritic stone, the crazy lace is primarily white with some gray.

Dragon Vein

If you want to get a gem based solely on its name, dragon vein agate must top the list. This mostly orange gem promotes communication and discussion, allowing for tremendous success. It also balances the mind and body energies of the sacral and solar chakras.



While it’s easy to associate red with fire, this agate shines with multiple colors. This rainbow-type agate helps you find the fountain of youth. It increases your vigor and enriches your central nervous system in the gut chakra. By improving your nervous system, many will use it to aid with any vision and eye issues. Additionally, it may enrich people that have a decreasing libido.


The Indian agate touches several chakras, as it’s also similar to many others on this list. Suppose you need better mediation and concentration skills. In this case, the Indian agate aids in that venture. Also, there isn’t a specific color that the Indian agate associates with, but green is the most popular.


It’s somewhat likely that most of us don’t drink proper amounts of water during the day. The tree agate comes to your aid by balancing the water in your body and enhancing your immune system. This gem stimulates the heart chakra and gives you some patience that many people may need. Tree agates are predominantly white but have plenty of other colors in the stone.

As you read, the various assortment of agate stones provides certain benefits. However, there is plenty of overlap that can help the mental and physical health of you or your favorite person. With the wide variety at your disposal, you can choose one based on the different colors and what they symbolize. At Brazil Gems, we will work with you to find the best agate for your wants and needs.

Chris Vale