How do you clean and care for gemstones when they’re not jewelry? Larger décor pieces can be delicate, and items such as geodes have spiky points. Keep them sparkling with preventative measures and gentle washing.

Dusting with a Cloth

If you can keep the dust from building up on your crystals, taking care of them will be a lot easier. But normal dusting cloths and dusters have drawbacks. They can create static on your gemstones, which attracts more dust. Worse, they can leave fibers behind. The best thing to use is one of those small microfiber cloths you clean your glasses with. You don’t need soap—these cloths are gentle, and they’ll remove both dust and fingerprints. They leave a nice, polished finish.

Going a Bit Deeper

If you’re trying to keep a jagged cluster of gemstones clean, keep a very soft brush at the ready. A good-quality makeup or shaving brush works well if you apply it very lightly. You can also try a compressed air blast with a small attachment, but be sure to test it so that it doesn’t damage any of the points. You can use a damp cloth to clean gemstones, but consult the Mohs Scale of hardness before you do. If the stone’s hardness rating is below a 6, keep it dry.

Using Water To Wash

If your item is hard enough to withstand water, make sure it’s distilled. That will keep your crystal free of calcium deposits. You might hear recommendations about mixing in other cleaning products, but unless you’re an expert, don’t risk it. Gemstones have different chemical makeups, and they might surprise you with their reactions. When the grime is stubborn, you can run most crystals under cool water that doesn’t have a strong flow. If you need to use a soft toothbrush, proceed gently. When you have a large piece such as an amethyst cathedral, you can take it outside and use a water hose with low pressure.

Specific Instructions

Brazil Gems has a large variety of artisan-crafted crystal pieces of all sizes and shapes. We have clusters, geodes, gemstone trees, and more, and they require specific care instructions. When you find something you love, ask us how to clean and care for the gemstones.

We have other suggestions, too. You can protect an amethyst table by adding a glass top, for instance, or keep your crystals in a curio case that keeps dust out. Extend the life of your treasures and keep them looking spectacular.