A gemstone is a piece of natural crystal found in the earth’s depths and, when they’re cut and polished, can turn into beautiful jewelry. But why are we so fascinated with them? Humankind’s enchantment with gemstones has a long history dating back to ancient times.

Many cultures viewed gemstones in different lights. For example, the Greeks viewed gemstones as tears of the gods, whereas Europeans considered them a symbol of hope, purity, and truth.

Some people are interested in gemstones due to their price tag, while others are intrigued by their symbolism and beauty. But why can’t we have both? Here are the most valuable gemstones found in nature.

Gemstones Worthy of Mention

Though these gemstones may not be worth as much as other gems in monetary form, their beauty is priceless.


The opal and topaz gemstones are under the umbrella of Brazilian gemstones. Opals are known for their dazzling colorful hues, perfect for jewelry pieces. You can find these gemstones in Brazil, Mexico, and the western US.


The riveting reddish-orange color that topaz holds is also an excellent match for jewelry. You can usually find this Brazilian gemstone in Brazil, the US, Madagascar, Russia, and more places.

High-Paying Gemstones


Tanzanite is a gemstone with bright and intense blue and violet hues that shine through the stone. You can typically find this gemstone in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano located in Tanzania, Africa.

This captivating gemstone is worth from $200 per carat to $675 per carat. Due to the constant changes in Tanzania, tanzanite’s worth varies often.


You can locate rubies in numerous locations ranging from Scotland to Tanzania, and they are another beautiful gemstone hailing in from East Africa.

This precious gemstone contains deep shades of crimson and has protective properties that bring happiness and passion to the wearer. Rubies can be worth up to $225,000 per carat.

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds, like blue and pink diamonds, usually are found beneath the earth’s surface. While blue diamonds take on an electrifying blue, grey, or green color, pink diamonds captivate us with their vivid shades of deep pink to light blush.

With the calming effects blue possesses, many people consider the blue diamond to represent peace, spirituality, and devotion. This diamond is generally worth approximately $2,000 per carat to $12,000 per carat. You can only find this gemstone in Australia, South Africa, and India. The more intense the blue hues are on this diamond, the rarer and more expensive it is.

Pink diamonds evoke gentle, feminine energy that represents love and compassion. This diamond can range from $10,000 per carat to $700,000 per carat depending on the shade of pink the diamond has.

The pink diamond can be found in the Argyle mines in the Kimberly Region in Western Australia, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil.

While we may never know the true beauty of the most valuable gemstones found in nature, they will always be a mysterious treasure that will continue to captivate humans for eternity.

Marcos Dadalt