Gemstone Obelisks in Different Gem Types Model #3103 by Brazil Gems

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Brazilian Gemstone Obelisks with flat bases available in 7 different gemstone types including Blue Agate, Green Agate, Black Obsidian, Orange Calcite, Orchid Calcite, Sodalite and Sandstone. Each one has been beautifully polished into an obelisk shape.  They are great to be placed on a shelf, counter or desk and will make for a perfect gift to a friend or loved one.

Choose your favorite one as indicated by the model number in the images. 

  • Height Ranges: 6.3"-14.7"
  • Average Width: 1.8"
  • Average Depth: 1.8
  • Weight Ranges: 0.9-3.5 lbs

Disclaimer: These are natural gemstones sold as is and as you see them in their images and video. The specific variant you choose is the exact one you will receive. They may contain natural imperfections as well as broken edges and repairs from the extraction, polishing and prepping processes.  The ones seen in the video and group photo were selected as models from the inventory in stock at the time and those specific ones may or may not still be available. The Black Obsidian ones have fine visible cracks and blemishes. One of the Sandstone models has a chip in the side. Green and Blue Agate are dyed.

Authentic From Brazil
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