Handmade Natural Agate Round Table, black base, 28" diameter & 28" tall (1001-0004)

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Beautifully designed table made out of only natural Brazilian Agate slices, with stunning details. The designer Gina D. explored the beautiful details on these slices with a contrast between the dark color and crystals on each stone slice. The result is another one-of-a-kind design that be the focal point in any room. Make it yours today!

The artisan process to make a gemstone table like this one is very extensive. Many expert hands work on extraction, cutting, polishing, designing and making the table before it travels thousands of miles to get to you. Own it today so you can enjoy its beauty for a lifetime.

  • Size: 27.5"
  • Slab thickness: 0.6"
  • Height: 27.5"
  • Total weight: 30.5 lbs