Raw Rough Rose Quartz Freeform Gemstone, 30.9 lbs & 11.7” Tall #3302RQ-002

$530.00 USD
SKU: 3302RQ-002

Brazil Gems® brings you this all natural Rough Rose Quartz Freeform Gemstone with a flat bottom. This large piece is perfect as a decorative crystal on a table or desk for all to enjoy.

Rose Quartz is a type of quartz crystal that derives its delicate pink hue from traces of manganese, iron, or titanium within its structure. Its origins lie deep within the Earth's crust, where geological processes involving heat, pressure, and the presence of certain elements gradually form quartz crystals over millions of years.  

Nature has worked on this beautiful gemstone for millions of years and now you can bring it home to make it yours. Take a closer look! 

  • Height: 11.7”
  • Width: 8.3”
  • Depth: 6.7"
  • Weight: 30.9 lbs

Disclaimer: This is a natural gemstone crystal sold by Brazil Gems® as is and as you see it in its images and video. It is the exact one you will receive. It may contain natural imperfections and/or imperfections, broken edges, and repairs from the extraction and prepping processes. Brazil Gems® makes every effort to get measurements as exact as possible but they are done by human hands & eyes and therefore may have minor discrepancies.

Gemstone Meaning

ROSE QUARTZ: Love - Kindness - Purification

Rose Quartz has long been a token for those seeking to connect with universal love and compassion. Sometimes called the Stone of Venus, it can also enhance romantic love. It has a place anywhere in your home – a simple act like bathing or cooking can be turned into a life-enhancing ritual. Some use it to invite sweet dreams, or to help children not be afraid of the dark. Others will place it on their pregnant bellies to invite meditations on the family love. Crystal healing believers often find it to be a widely helpful stone and a staple of their collection.

Authentic From Brazil
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