Handmade Clear Quartz Crystal Skull 3.25" tall Model #3477-0005 by Brazil Gems

$450.00 USD
SKU: 3477-0005

Handmade Polished Brazilian Clear Quartz Crystal Skull. You can literally see the millions of years of nature's work to create such a beautiful crystal. This polished piece will become a conversation starter with friends and family.

Local artisans in Brazil have mastered the technique to form skulls out of crystals, a very labor-intensive task that requires a lot of skill and precision. The result is a unique piece that will certainly have you marveling at it for years to come.  

  • Height: 3.25"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Depth: 4"
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs

Disclaimer: This is a natural gemstone sold as is and as you see it in its images and video. It has been polished to a skull shape and it may contain natural imperfections and scratches from the extraction, polishing and prepping processes.

CLEAR QUARTZ:  Healing - Transformation - Clarity

Clear Quartz can invite you to live life at the highest plane. Sometimes called the Master Healer, clear quartz can enhance the energy needed to address almost any issue. It has been central to the magic of many cultures for as long as stories have been told. Quartz powers clocks and many of today’s technologies – new uses for a stone that got its name from the Greek word for “ice”.  It is thought to energize and amplify all other stones around it. Clear Quartz works for all chakras.

Authentic From Brazil
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