Hematite 14" Tall Handmade Gemstone Tree on a Crystal base, 180 Gems #5404HEMA

$180.00 USD

**SAMPLE IMAGES**  Please Note: Crystal Cluster Bases can vary in color from white to purple.

Hematite Handmade Gemstone Tree on a Crystal cluster base with a resin trunk and 36 wire branches. It is approximately 14 inches tall and has 180 gemstones as leaves.

This is a great size tree to draw attention in a room at home or in an office. It also makes a great forever-gift to a loved one. 

The process to make a gemstone tree like this is very extensive and meticulous. A special crystal cluster is selected for the base, the resin trunk and branches are crafted by local artisans in Brazil and then each gemstone is glued to the tree by hand.

  • Total Gemstones: 180
  • Average Height: 14" to the last gemstone on top
  • Average Size: 11"W x 10"D
  • Average Weight: 12 lbs

Disclaimer: The images you see are NOT of the exact tree you will receive. The images are of actual trees we had in stock at one time and were selected to serve as the models for each gemstone type to showcase differences in bases and overall tree designs so customers could see how the trees' overall looks can vary. Each individual tree we sell and ship out is unique due to the natural differences of each crystal base and handmade tree design. We encourage you to look at the different gemstone tree photos in this size to see how bases and tree shapes differ from each other. We don't photograph each and every tree we sell in this size, only our trees that are 20" tall and larger are specifically photographed.  The crystal bases can vary in overall size, shape, color, crystal shapes and points. This means the tree you receive will truly be yours and unlike anyone else's.

Gemstone Meaning

HEMATITE: Energy - Balance - Confidence

Hematite is found by crystal healing believers to be a powerful aid to balance the energy of body, mind and spirit. Some call it the Blood Stone and is sometimes used to boost circulation. Hematite is thought to cleanse negative energy, empower confidence and bring the owner equanimity in facing life’s challenges. Empaths and highly-sensitive people may find relief in the presence of Hematite.

Authentic From Brazil
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